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I have always loved technology, which is probably part of the reason I decided to get a home automation system. I wanted to be able to make sure that my doors were locked and my garage was closed when I was away from home, and the automation system made it possible to do that. Using my automation system, I was also able to monitor my home security a little more effectively, which was really amazing. I wanted to make this blog all about adding new technology to your home so that you can see what a big difference it can make.


3 Reasons To Purchase Refurbished Telecom Parts

30 August 2017
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One of the best options available to you if you need to upgrade your company's network or telecom system is refurbished parts, mostly due to the many benefits they can provide when compared to purchasing new parts. Listed below are three reasons to purchase refurbished telecom parts. Budget Friendly The biggest reason to purchase refurbished telecom parts is that most refurbished options are extremely budget friendly. In many cases, going with a refurbished telecom part will typically cost you substantially less than if you purchased a new part, which means that you can typically get away with upgrading your network or telecom system for a lot less money. Read More …

Stubborn Drain? Save Yourself Some Trouble By Renting A Sewer Camera Before You Call The Plumber

30 August 2017
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Are you suffering from chronically-slow drains and pipes that seem to back up again almost as fast as you clear them? Hiring a plumber may or may not be a great idea -- because you don't know what's causing your problem. Is it a Lego figure that got dropped down the bathtub drain by your son six months ago that you thought was long out of the picture by now that's actually causing the problem? Read More …

Some Options When Choosing A New Internet Provider

29 August 2017
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If you're moving soon and need to find an internet service provider for your new home, you may be confused over what type of service to get. The first step is to do some research and find out what options are available in your new area. If you're moving to a small city or a rural area, you may not have as many choices as you would have in a large city. Read More …

3 Tips To Improve Your Digital Signage

27 August 2017
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 In an age in which consumers are attracted to technology, using digital signage to advertise your business is a must. Unfortunately, simply using the signage is not enough. You must make sure that your message is reaching consumers and that tweaks are made when necessary. If you are using digital signage, here are some tips for getting the most from it. Analyze Your Results If you have been using digital signage for a while and are not noticing any sizable bump in customers, you need to take the time to analyze what you are doing. Read More …

3 Reasons To Use Identical Phones Throughout Your Office

25 August 2017
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Right now, when you walk around different parts of your office, you might find that there are all different types and styles of phones throughout the place. This can happen naturally, such as if just one phone is replaced at a time, as needed. However, if possible, you may want to consider investing in a business phone system that includes multiple telephones for each office. Then, you can have an identical phone in each area of your business. Read More …