Some Options When Choosing A New Internet Provider

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Some Options When Choosing A New Internet Provider

29 August 2017
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If you're moving soon and need to find an internet service provider for your new home, you may be confused over what type of service to get. The first step is to do some research and find out what options are available in your new area. If you're moving to a small city or a rural area, you may not have as many choices as you would have in a large city. To got started, here is a look at the three basic types of internet service providers.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet works just like satellite TV. The internet signal is beamed to a dish installed on your home. This is sometimes the only option you have for accessing the internet, other a dial up connection, when you live in a rural community. It may not be the best choice when you have other options, since satellite internet tends to be slower and more expensive than other types of service.

DSL Connection

DSL is an internet connection over telephone lines. You may have a few choices available for DSL service, which allows you to compare prices and speeds. DSL is not as fast as more popular internet services, but it could be less expensive. If you don't do a lot of movie streaming or downloading, DSL might be a good choice. One thing to note is that the farther away you're located from the transmission office, the more problems you may have with your signal and internet speed.


FiOS is internet delivered over a fiber optic cable. It is the fastest internet speed you can get currently, but it isn't available in many areas. In the available areas, there may be only one provider, which eliminates shopping around for the best price. However, if you do a lot of streaming or if you work from home, then FiOS could be an excellent choice based on speed.

Cable Broadband

Internet service from a cable provider is one of the most popular choices. The internet often comes bundled with cable TV service and a phone line. You may even have a choice of different providers who compete to offer low rates for new customers. This internet is delivered through a cable rather than a phone line, so the speeds are usually faster. However, speeds can vary among providers. A cable connection has plenty of speed to support streaming movies and working from home. One disadvantage is that your line may be shared with neighbors, so the speed may slow down during peak times.

When choosing the best internet service provider for you, consider how you use the internet. If you're on it constantly and have several devices attached for watching online videos and using social media, you want a provider with fast speeds that keep up with your demands. If you only use the internet occasionally to check email or do light research, then speed may not be a deciding factor.