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Adding New Technology To My Home

I have always loved technology, which is probably part of the reason I decided to get a home automation system. I wanted to be able to make sure that my doors were locked and my garage was closed when I was away from home, and the automation system made it possible to do that. Using my automation system, I was also able to monitor my home security a little more effectively, which was really amazing. I wanted to make this blog all about adding new technology to your home so that you can see what a big difference it can make.


Security Cameras Help Deter And Catch Burglars

9 October 2019
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In a perfect world, burglars wouldn't even attempt to break into a home, and even if they did and were successful, they'd be caught soon after. In reality, the opposite scenario is often the case. However, there is a reason why burglars pick the houses they do and why they sometimes get away. Learn how installing a video security camera system can make these criminals less successful in their efforts. Read More …

Using Cloud Services For Your Business

21 May 2019
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Starting your business as a small shop means that you will have to do a lot for yourself in the beginning. This means looking into the equipment, software and other factors that will help you with factors like phone communication, printer service, and networking infrastructure. With this in mind, utilize these points so that you can improve your business by using these strategies.  Look into the right phone and video service Read More …

Improving Retail Success By Preventing Shoplifting With Security Systems

21 November 2018
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Successfully running a retail shop requires taking steps to improve your sales while minimizing the potential for theft. Thankfully, there are many types of security systems that you can install to protect a store from this problem—both from customers and employees. Shoplifting Customers Are Hard To Predict. When customers walk into your store, there's no telling who is going to shoplift and who is not. Many shoplifters are not exactly what you would expect. Read More …

Get Your Website Noticed: Best Practices For The Small Law Firm Internet Presence

15 April 2018
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As a small law firm, you've got a lot of competition, and you need to be visible to potential clients. A web presence that shows up in the top search results for your region is one way to get the word out that you're taking on cases. However, search engines are very sophisticated now, and they treat certain website tricks as undesirable. That means that your website game must be top-notch, providing readers with lots of information without resorting to these odd tricks. Read More …

Stubborn Drain? Save Yourself Some Trouble By Renting A Sewer Camera Before You Call The Plumber

30 August 2017
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Are you suffering from chronically-slow drains and pipes that seem to back up again almost as fast as you clear them? Hiring a plumber may or may not be a great idea -- because you don't know what's causing your problem. Is it a Lego figure that got dropped down the bathtub drain by your son six months ago that you thought was long out of the picture by now that's actually causing the problem? Read More …