Improving Retail Success By Preventing Shoplifting With Security Systems

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Improving Retail Success By Preventing Shoplifting With Security Systems

21 November 2018
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Successfully running a retail shop requires taking steps to improve your sales while minimizing the potential for theft. Thankfully, there are many types of security systems that you can install to protect a store from this problem—both from customers and employees.

Shoplifting Customers Are Hard To Predict.

When customers walk into your store, there's no telling who is going to shoplift and who is not. Many shoplifters are not exactly what you would expect. As a retail manager, you may believe that teenagers are the most likely people to steal. However, shoplifting occurs at all age levels and even among the very rich.

In some instances, shoplifting is an attempt by somebody without a lot of money to get something that they can't afford. Other times, it is simply a thrill to get away with a needless crime. And, since retail stores are so large, it can be hard to spot who is stealing and who is not. Unfortunately, shoplifting isn't always done strictly by customers.

How Shoplifting Becomes A Problem With Workers

While a large amount of shoplifting occurs from customers visiting a shop, a significant amount comes from employees. Often, employees may feel disgruntled or unhappy with treatment and take to stealing to get back at their employer. Other times, they may simply steal as a power trip and hide their tracks very well.

Unfortunately, this type of shoplifting can be tricky to spot because most managers and store owners likely consider it an issue with customers. However, installing security measures that only a handful of people know how to control or contravene can help to manage this issue in your retail shop.

Creating A Coherent Security Strategy

Protecting a retail store from shoplifters requires taking the time to install a broad array of security systems and alarm systems throughout the shop. For example, video surveillance systems provide a two-fold advantage. First of all, they can spot and track shoplifters and provide real evidence of their theft. Just as importantly, they can deter crime if you make them visible.

And installing access control systems on your important items, such as electronics and expensive guns, can also help to prevent external and internal theft. For example, a disgruntled employee won't be able to open up a security system to steal a video game accent if the access code for the storage area is constantly and consistently changed.

So, if you run a retail store and you want to ensure that your theft goes down this year, make sure to take the time to understand the benefits of high-quality security systems. And, talk to the shop owners or higher-level managers to get the money necessary for this process.