Cell Phone Battery Issues and Replacements

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Cell Phone Battery Issues and Replacements

8 February 2022
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A cell phone owner may use their phone for a couple of years and then upgrade it through a service plan. Although this process may seem straightforward and logical, there may be instances in which preserving an older phone is a smarter option. If the battery that is used to power up your phone seems to be losing power rapidly, consider the following tips to assess the health of the battery and replace it.

Battery Health Tips

When a phone is new, the manufacturer of a product will have likely enclosed a booklet with the product that details how long a fully-charged battery should last. This amount of time varies between phone manufacturers. As a phone begins to be used excessively, it may be noticeable that charging the battery needs to be conducted more frequently. A battery health check feature is provided with many newer model phones. This health check can be conducted manually.

A pre-loaded application on the phone or the settings category on a phone will allow an end-user to see how much power their battery is holding. The health check shows a percentage. This percentage demonstrates the current charging capacity of a phone. When the percentage goes down low or to a critical level, it is essential to replace the old battery with a new one.

Removable and Non-Removable Backs

Phones that contain a removable back will allow an end-user to fully access the battery compartment. A battery that is going to be replaced should be removed from the device and stored in a temperature-regulated room. The model and make of a phone or the actual serial number that is listed on a battery will help a consumer order a battery that will be a perfect match.

If there is not a removable back that will allow a consumer to access the battery compartment, there may still be a way to replace the battery. A phone's backplate may be anchored by screws. If a consumer hasn't previously replaced a battery within a phone that does not contain a removable back, they should bring their device to a repair shop. The shop should be a place that provides services for a wide range of cell phones.

A technician will look up the phone model, to determine if they can acquire the parts required for cell phone battery replacement. Afterward, they may need to order the replacement battery. Once the battery arrives, the technician will use a series of hand tools to remove the back piece. They will likely be able to remove the old battery and install the new one.