The Importance Of Interoperability In Integrated Care Software Solutions

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The Importance Of Interoperability In Integrated Care Software Solutions

22 March 2019
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One of the weaknesses in healthcare is that healthcare physicians will often make decisions without trying to see the full picture. There is no reason for this to continue to be the norm at a time when there are so many technologies that make it possible to help healthcare professionals communicate with each other. 

Integrated Technologies

Integrated technologies include digital, wireless, mobile, electronic, and telehealth services. All of these services and devices are designed around patient needs. This includes how patients may receive healthcare in the most efficient manner possible. However, for all of these technologies to work together, they need to be entirely interoperable. 


Interoperability is the ability of technology to communicate and share data with other forms of technology. For example, you may have two software programs which would both need to be able to communicate with each other. This makes it easier for healthcare professionals using different systems to share information more easily. For instance, you must be sure that your laboratory results will be imported securely. They must also have the technology that is necessary to share information in a secure manner that will not place patient records in jeopardy. 

Vendor Integration

You may work with one vendor one week and another vendor the next. It's critical that the technology you are working with will adapt to whichever vendors you are working with at the moment rather than being dependent on a specific one. This provides your business with more flexibility and also doesn't place your business in a difficult position of needing to update your systems if a vendor goes out of business.

Access to Historical Records

One of the most important resources that healthcare professionals receive through connected health is to have access to historical records. This will help the hospital better understand patients so that they may carry out medical treatments. However, this information must also be accessed rapidly. 

Workflow Automation

When you are able to automate your flow, you're better able to focus on what matters more, which is quality of care. To be able to do your work efficiently, you must have an easy way to contact payers so that you may exchange data and ensure that your business is financed. 

You don't have time to wait for patient records. These records must appear in real-time. But with the right connected health product, you'll have access to millions of patient records.

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