Important Features To Look For In A New Satellite Two-Way Radio

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Important Features To Look For In A New Satellite Two-Way Radio

21 September 2018
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Up in the mountains, down in a valley, out in the desert—there are all kinds of places your life and career can take you where typical telecommunications are not possible. When maintaining a connection to the outside world is critically important, there is no better device for the job than a satellite-powered two-way radio system. These units can connect you to recipients while you are off the beaten path, but not every unit or model is the same. Take a look at some of the important features to be looking for in a satellite two-way radio to keep with you while you work. 

Keypad & Display Backlight Control 

In certain situations, maintaining privacy and protecting battery life for as long as possible will be important factors. You will not want a radio screen that is shining brightly into the night when you use the device, so make sure the unit you select has a keypad and display screen that allows you to control how much light it emits. Lowering the backlight to a dimmer radiance will also help prolong your battery life if it will be a while before you can get back to a charging station. 

Headset Port Available On Handset

Having both hands free to do what you need to do while you talk is important in some cases. For example, if you are using the two-way radio during an emergency rescue operation, your hands may be busy tending to a wounded patient, but you will need to be on the radio giving advice to the search team about your location at the same time. Make sure any mobile radio you are considering has a port on the radio for a headset because of this. You will be able to slip on your headset, maintain communications at all times, and keep your hands free. 

 GPS Display Feature

Heading into some places, it will be much easier to travel if you do not have a lot to carry on your person. Instead of having to carry a GPS and a satellite radio, pick up a satellite radio that offers GPS capabilities. Most mobile satellite radios have a GPS display feature on the screen, such as the MSAT G2, but not every unit has this feature. Make sure you look at the additional features any model has to ensure it does have GPS connectivity to keep you informed of your location.