Are Your Eyewitnesses Unable To Make It To Court? Get A Professional Video Deposition

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Are Your Eyewitnesses Unable To Make It To Court? Get A Professional Video Deposition

22 July 2018
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Eyewitnesses are often some of the most important elements of a trial, but they can be problematic if you can't get them to court. Their strong influence on a court (particularly the judge) makes a professional video deposition from these individuals a wise investment for your case.

Judges Are Very Influenced By Eyewitness Testimony

When it comes to evidence in a trial, judges are often the most swayed by eyewitness testimony. This fact is important to understand because it can influence the kind of sentence that they pass on a person. For example, if an eyewitness states that a person in an assault behaved in a particularly brutal or mean-spirited way, the court may give the accused a harsher sentence.

However, the eyewitness may also state that the person was only defending themselves from an attack and may sway the judge to pass a lighter sentence or to give only probation to the assailant. Unfortunately, eyewitnesses may be unable to make it to court for various reasons, such as health issues, which makes video depositions necessary.

Video Depositions Can Sway A Judge

If for whatever reason you cannot get your eyewitnesses to show up to a trial, a high-quality video deposition can take the place. A video deposition is a taped testimony from eyewitnesses that describe what they saw in a detailed way. Judges respond very well to a video deposition, especially if they are presented well and are professionally shot and edited in a way that showcases the witness testimony in an effective way.

Why Getting A Professional Video Deposition Is Wise

If you need to get a video deposition prepared for a court appearance, you should do it professionally instead of in an amateur way. A high-quality professional deposition specialist can improve the appearance and quality of the deposition by providing a variety of services. The specialist can

  • Dress your witnesses well
  • Prepare a smooth statement
  • Create production values that make it professional
  • Coach the witness to keep them on task
  • Deliver the video to the court

These kinds of services are critical for improving the quality of your video deposition and making it look more professional in the eyes of the judge. This professional appearance can sway the severity of a judge's opinion and even change a jury's result.

So if you want to increase your chances of winning a trial and need to get eyewitness testimony to a judge, contact a professional video deposition service like Nashville's Media Services as soon as possible. These experts will provide you with the kind of production you need to impress a judge and make your testimony stronger.