How To Improve The WiFi Reach In Your Home

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How To Improve The WiFi Reach In Your Home

25 August 2017
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Many people find that they need a very strong WiFi signal throughout their entire home because of the amount of technology that is used today. There could be a game system in every bedroom, smart televisions, personal desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and cellular phones that all need to make use of that WiFi signal. If it is not strong enough, you might find that you can get better reception in some rooms and horrible reception in others. To avoid this and to make sure that the WiFi signal is as strong as it can possibly be throughout the entire house, you will want to use these tips:

Move The WiFi Router

If there is not already possible to move your WiFi router somewhere else in the house, you may have to call for an Internet technician. The goal is to move the router to the middle of the home. If you are not able to put it in the exact middle because that is the bathroom or something similar, you will want to get as close as possible. Once it has been positioned in the middle of the house, or close to it, you will want to place it on a high stand. The higher you can get it, the better. Again, this is so you can get the WiFi router in a spot that is going to allow its signal to reach everywhere on the first floor, as well as the second floor..

Invest In A Second Router

If you have a very large home or if the way it was constructed makes it hard for the WiFi signal to reach the entire home, you might have to hire an Internet technician to add a second, or even a third WiFi router to your home. This might also be a good thing to do if you have an overload of electronics or computers that require the use of the WiFi at the same time. The more people there are in your home, the more likely it is that you would benefit from the additional routers. After all, you would no longer have to worry about every device fighting for signal from the one router.

Should you find that you have done all you can in order to improve the wireless signal within your home and it still isn't working, there could be an issue that will need to be addressed by your internet provider.