Department Of Transportation Training: How It Impacts Medical Waste Removal

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Department Of Transportation Training: How It Impacts Medical Waste Removal

22 August 2017
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For anyone charged with the process of disposing of medical waste, you are likely aware of all the governmental bodies that are involved with the process to ensure all regulations are followed. One federal department that is often not referred to, but is critically important, is the Department of Transportation.

The Department of Transportation is charged with regulating the different classes of hazardous material, including medical waste. It will be the responsibility of the organization to remain in compliance with the DOT regulations, no matter if your business is transporting it. Fortunately, there is training provided by the DOT that will ensure that all rules are adhered to. The following is information about this training and what you need to know to remain in compliance:

DOT Training For Medical Waste Transportation

Training for moving hazardous waste provided by the Department of Transportation will teach your organization how to separate, pack, and prepare all regulated waste for transport. The program will require an exam at the end that all employees have to pass in order for your organization to remain compliant.

Those Requiring the Training

The training provided by the DOT is required for all employees who have any part, no matter how minute, in preparing any medical waste for disposal. This includes those who are charged with packaging, labeling, or signing documentation.

Timing Of DOT Training

The regulation of the Department of Transportation will require all new employees to go through the training within the first few months they are employed with your business. Employees will need to repeat the training every few years as required by the government. The business is responsible for making sure all required employees complete and remain certified within the specified timelines.

Reasons For Department of Transportation Training

The Department of Transportation training is responsible for outlining all medical waste will need to be separated and packed to ensure proper protection from any hazardous waste spillage. The training is a requirement just as in any other OSHA compliance policy. If the employees do not complete the training or do not recertify as needed, there can be significant repercussions. This can include penalties and an audit. The training can also be an ideal step if you plan to apply for accreditation from different medical associations, such as the Joint Commission.

Ensuring that hazardous waste is properly disposed of is crucial. The environment can sustain a lot of damage if these processes are not carried out properly. For more information, contact companies like Peyton Services.